Sunday 19th June 2022

This morning our service was led by Revd Paul Glass.  He spoke to the children about diversity through the Disney films an TV shows.

We heard readings from Isaiah 65 and Luke 8. There was a meditation putting the reading into its time and a discussion of the healing power of Jesus.

Jesus was willing to cross every boundary in his world to heal the man and cast out Legion. Sometimes we have to stay like the man in an environment that makes us uncomfortable and work for the Lord in our community.

Sunday 5th June

Pentecost Sunday

Our United Service at Cade Road this morning was led by Revd Paul Dean. We listened to readings from Acts 2 and John 14. The reflection was on the coming of the Holy Spirit and the works of the spirit today.

We are promoted by the spirit to share God’s word to others, through stories and our deeds. So we should sustain the miracle of pentecost.

We also take the opportunity to thank Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for her 70 years of service to the country.

Sunday 22nd May 2022

Our service at Cade Road was led by Mr Tom Lewis thus morning. We were called to Go, Grow and Glow. The readings were Acts 16: 6-10 and 2 Corinthians 8:1-5.

Remember we are all called to Go out into the world, Grow as a person and Glow in the faith of the Lord.

Thus evening there us a reflective communion service at 5pm, led by Revd Paul Dean.

Sunday 3rd April 2022

Our services this morning are at 10:30am and are as follows:

Kennington – Revd Paul Dean, including Holy Communion

Cade Road – Mr David Songer (this service will be Live Streamed on our YouTube channel.

Lighthouse (our group for young people) will be meeting at 10:30am at Cade Road.

Sunday 20th February 2022

Our service on Sunday will be at Kennington United Church on Faversham Road at 10:30am.  We will be testing the live streaming capabilities from the Kennington premises so please keep that in mind if planning on joining online.

There will be a church meeting following this service.

Sunday 23rd January 2022

Our services for this Sunday are at 10:30am.

United Church Cade Road, led by Revd Paul Dean, including an act of Holy Communion.

Faversham Road, Kennington, led by Mr Tom Lewis.

The service from the United Church Cade Road will be Live Streamed on our YouTube channel, however the act of Holy Communion will not be available via that medium.