Ashford Interfaith Walk

On Wednesday 18th August 2021 there will be an Interfaith Walk starting at St Mary the Virgin (Ashford Town Church, Tufton St, Churchyard, TN23 1QG). Walking via Bank Street, across the foot bridge, around the Victoria Park fountain, along the Stour River and finishing at Ashford Mosque (Ashford Muslim Centre, 79 Torrington Rd, TN23 7TG)

Light Refreshments will be provided at  the Finish and will be Pre-Packed and Free

Everyone is welcome to join this walk and get to know people of other faiths.

Please bring your own water for the walk.

Donations towards the Ashford Food Band will be gratefully accepted.

For further information please email

This event is organised by Ashford Interfaith Group, for people of all faiths and none.

Climate Justice for All: Have Your Say

You are invited to join us for our ‘Have Your Say’ events on either June 9th, June 12th or July

These events consist of a 45-minute consultation hosted by CJ4A
( in partnership with Green Agents of Change

As part of the CJ4A campaign, we want to send a ‘call to action’ from Methodists to the UK
government’s COP Ambassadors. Local Methodist churches and groups will be asked to add
their names to this call to action but, before taking that step, we want to hear from
Methodists across Britain.

What does climate justice look like for you? What should Britain be doing to ensure climate
justice for all?

If you attend a Methodist Church or group and would like to have your voice heard then
please do join us for one of these events, which are open to people of all ages (those under
18 will need a parent to book their ticket and give permission).

Register here:

For any further information, please email:

YouTube Issues

Dear all,

We are very sorry for the issues this morning that has meant that our LiveStreamed service has not worked.  Unfortunately the issue has meant that there is not a recording of the service either.  We will work on solving this issue for next week and hope to be back to normal for then.

UCA AV person

We’re Back in the Building

We have been looking forward to welcome people back into the building for worship, and are happy to announce that you can now join us in person for worship at 11am at our premises at Cade Road.

We will continue to Live Stream the services on our YouTube Channel, so if you don’t feel safe coming to church, or 11am doesn’t work for you you can still “join us”.

If you do plan on joining us in person then please use the pre-service booking form: Service Prebooking

‘Windows of Light’ Christmas Trail 2020

The following is taken from the Ashford Churches Noticeboard, our thanks to Ashford Baptist Church for organising.

A big ‘Thank you’ to all who have created a Window of Light in Ashford this Christmas – they look amazing! Together they form a Trail that people can follow from Friday 18thDecember to Sunday 27th December (they will be switched on between 5pm and 9pm). To make it a bit of a challenge, only street names are given and not the house numbers! The list of roads:
Brookfield Road (South Ashford Baptist Church)
Breadlands Road
Cade Road (United Church)
Church Hill, Kingsnorth
Constantine Road
Finn Farm Road

Hawthorne Road

Hoppers Way
Hunter Avenue
Hythe Road (Willesborough Baptist Church)
Magazine Road 1
Magazine Road 2
Mill Hill, Ashford Road (Bloss Coffee)
Skylark Way
Springwood Close
St John’s Lane (Ashford Baptist Church)
Steeds Lane
The Bulrushes
Torrington Road
Tunbridge Way
Upper Queens Road
Vicarage Lane

A map is now available on the Ashford Baptist Church Website:

If you have not yet made a Window of Light yourself, but are inspired by what you see, then please feel free to make one anyway. If you would like it to be included in the Trail, then we will update the list before Christmas. Just text ‘Window’ plus your street name to 07523 270369 (this is a church mobile and you will not be contacted). Instructions to make a Window (if you need them) are on the ‘Ashford Churches Noticeboard’ FaceBook page.
Happy Christmas!

A Prayer for Advent

The following prayer was written 9 years ago by Revd Gary Homewood, who served in the circuit when it was the Ashford Methodist Circuit rather than the now enlarged South Kent Methodist Circuit.  Shared with his permission.

Heavenly Father,
We thank You that You have once again invited us to embark upon an Advent journey.
“Come to Bethlehem,” You said. “Come to see the Christ-child,” You said. “Come as you are. All are welcome.”
And Bethlehem is far, far away.
And shall we come by sea, or land, or air?
And shall we somehow fit You into our crowded diary?
And shall we hope to miss the rockets and the shells, this Christmastide?
Will we be made welcome, when we arrive, and will we be welcoming, too?
Bethlehem is far, far away.
And shall we come as we are?
Shall we come with our self-satisfying gifts, our wealth, our attitudes?
Shall we bring with us all that we have achieved in two thousand years?
We shall be greatly burdened, if we do.
And Bethlehem is far, far away.
Shall we bring the shepherds with us from those margins of our world, if we deem them fit companions?
Shall we bring the wise men with us, if we accept a wisdom greater than our own?
And shall we bring the heavenly host, too, as it is customary to try to out-do the latest foreign spectacle?
All this to Bethlehem, which is still so far away?
It is remarkable, Father, that You should let us come at all, and come as we are, and still make us welcome, and not chide us.
It is remarkable that You should let us find our own way to a dirty, backstreet stable, and not feel out of place there, among those we have despised.
It is remarkable that there is a place for us, when we have spent so much time travelling away from this place,
Leaving Bethlehem behind us, so very far away.
So we shall come as we are, because we can make nothing else of ourselves without You, and You will make us welcome, because that is what You do best of all.
And we shall find the manger, deep in the shadows of our own forgetfulness, and we shall kneel there, with weeping hearts, desperate for the sound of a new-born baby’s cry.
And we shall hear that sound, because You wish it;
And Your love will pour into our hearts, because You give it;
And we will be changed by that child, because You ask it.
And we shall come home again, ourselves new-born, because You will it,
Suddenly amazed to find how close we are to Bethlehem, no longer so very far away.
In the name of the Christ-Child, Jesus, Messiah-King,
We give thanks to You.