Your local Methodist/United Reformed Church meeting in South Ashford

Welcome to the online home of the United Church Cade Road, we are a Methodist and United Reformed Church operating in the South Ashford area of Ashford, Kent.
We hope that you will take the time to have a look around our website, which we are developing at the moment. You will find a section which provides some information on the history of both the United Reformed Churches and the Methodist churches that have come together over the years to create the United Church Cade Road.
We have a number of different acitivites going on in the church and we are currently working on extending the building to make space for our congregation.
All of us have been to church for the first time, but we understand that for some people going to church can be difficult, please do feel free to join and see what worship is about and join us for a service and maybe a drink afterwards. We look forward to meeting you.

Sunday 4th September 2022

Our service this morning was led by Mr Roy Hollands. Roy spoke on Psalm 139 v1-6 and 13-18 and Luke 12 v22-31.

We thought about the friendships we have built up over the years and how God through Jesus is a friend and supporter.

Devotions for Sunday 28th August 2022


In this episode Dave Tocher is joined by the Rev Helen Hollands.
The Bible reading is Luke 14: 1,7–14, and it is read by Rowena Dean.

The prayers are partly based on sections of Jeremiah chapters 30-33.

The hymn recordings have been provided by Joy and Ruth Everingham:
A new commandment I give unto you (StF 242)
O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder (StF 82)

Sunday 21st August 2022

Our service this morning was led by Mr Hugh Burnham, who talked on release for captives. The readings were Isaiah 58: 9b to 14 and Luke 13: 10 to 17.

We discussed the importance of keeping Sunday as our Holy Day of rest. As we are set free from anything that holds us back. We asked God in our prayers to set the captives free.

Our Live Stream will be back on September 4th.

Sunday 14th August 2022

We were delighted to welcome Isabella and Jethro into the family of Christ at their baptism this morning.

Revd Helen Hollands led this morning and spoke on John 1: 43 to 50 and challenged us to look at whether we are worthy to be followed.

Our Livestream will return on 4th September, otherwise you are welcome to join us in person at 10:30 every Sunday either at Cade Road or at Kennington.