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Welcome to the online home of the United Church Cade Road, we are a Methodist and United Reformed Church operating in the South Ashford area of Ashford, Kent.

All of us have been to church for the first time, but we understand that for some people going to church can be difficult, please do feel free to join and see what worship is about and join us for a service and maybe a drink afterwards. We look forward to meeting you.

Devotions for Sunday 28th May 2023 – Pentecost


The podcast for Sunday 28th May is presented by Lisa. On this special day in the life of our circuit, celebrating Pentecost and the Testimony Service for Rev Gill Songer, Senior Circuit Steward Liz Talbot brings us the reading from Acts 2:1-42, and our preacher is the chair of the Methodist South East District, Rev Dr David Hinchliffe. Our songs are from Singing the Faith – 45 ‘Everyday God’ and 407 ‘Hear the call of the Kingdom’, both performed by Joy & Ruth Everingham.

Devotions for Sunday 14th May 2023


In this episode Dave C is joined by Maureen Burnham as we discuss the promise of the Holy Spirit as made by Jesus in John 14: 15-21, which is read by Christine.  We remember that Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to all who would follow his commandments, not matter who they are.  Our hymns for this morning are all from Singing the Faith, Come, now is the time to worship (24), In Christ there is now East or West (685) and Come down, O love Divine (372).

Devotions for Sunday 7th May 2023 – Coronation Weekend


In this episode Dave Tocher is joined by the Revd. Dr Paul Dean.

The Bible reading is John 14:1-14, and it is read by Paul Missin.

As Paul is a URC minister, the opening prayer, confession & prayer for the coronation are taken from the URC.

The hymn recordings have been provided by Joy and Ruth Everingham:
The Servant King (StF 272)
King of Kings, Majesty (StF 331)

The good influencer

Jesus is our influencer who encourages us in the way we live our lives. John 10 reminds us that Jesus wants to welcome us and he will lie down and be the gate into the shepfold. Psalm 23 also reminds us that God is with us too, to guide us and keep us safe. The Good shepherd does the gritty job trying to be our influencer.

Many thanks to Revd Helen Hollands for leading our worship this morning.

Our service next Sunday is at 10:30 and will be led by Revd Paul Dean and will include Holy Communion.

Devotions for Sunday 16th April 2023


This morning Dave C is joined by Revd Judy Muxlow as we discuss the risen Christ appearing to the disciples and Thomas in particular.  We recognise the peace of the Lord and that we should go forth and share that peace with the world around us.  The reading is from John 20: 19-31 and we thank Ruth for reading.  Hymns are God of my faith (StF629), When Easter to this dark world came(StF 316) and Go Forth and Tell (HP 770)

Devotions for Sunday 9th April 2023 – Easter Sunday.


In this episode Dave Tocher is joined by the Revd. Helen Hollands.

Liz Talbot reads Matthew 28:1–10.

The hymn recordings have been provided by Joy and Ruth Everingham:
Christ is alive! Let Christians sing (StF 297)
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus (StF 568)
The confession is based on the Anglican Easter C1 Confession
The Opening Prayer is by Rachel Marie Stone, and the prayer time opens with words by Mary Southerland – both found on Christianity.com