Devotions for Sunday 28th February 2021

The Podcast this week includes a reflection by Revd. Helen Hollands entitled “Rejecting the love of power for the power of love”, based on Mark 8:31 – 38 and thinking about how the disciple Peter responded to being told that Jesus must undergo great suffering. And we consider our own response to that too. 
Jane Burnham reads our Gospel reading, and music is provided by the band “After Ours” (King of Kings, Majesty) and Hugh Burnham who sings an Easter hymn.

Devotions for Sunday 31st January 2021

Kevin Taylor reflects on the Manifestation of God’s Power in the healing of a man with an evil spirit in Mark 1: 21 – 28. Christine Slater reads the Gospel and Hugh Burnham puts it all together. The podcast begins with Psalm 113: 4 – 9 and includes a prayer by Donald Hilton, the hymn “At the name of Jesus” (Singing the Faith 317) and a song by Stuart Townend “Say the Word” (Songs of Fellowship no. 993 – from his “Say the Word” album).