Devotions for Sunday 28th August 2022

In this episode Dave Tocher is joined by the Rev Helen Hollands.
The Bible reading is Luke 14: 1,7–14, and it is read by Rowena Dean.

The prayers are partly based on sections of Jeremiah chapters 30-33.

The hymn recordings have been provided by Joy and Ruth Everingham:
A new commandment I give unto you (StF 242)
O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder (StF 82)

Devotions for Sunday 14th August 2022

Today’s Podcast is presented by Hugh Burnham. Roy Hollands speaks about how we are to interpret the times as we would listen to the weather forecast, ready to take action, in love, to meet the needs of those around us. The reading is Luke 12: 49 – 56, read by Ruth Bamford, and the songs are from Singing the Faith: 363 “My Jesus, my Saviour” and 446 “I will offer up my life”.

Sunday 24th July 2022

Our service at 10:30 am was led by Mrs Joy Brumwell.

We listened to Hosea 1:2-10 and Luke 11:1-13. Joy spoke about Prayer and The Lord’s prayer in particular. Joy discusses the phrase ‘Thy kingdom come’. Jesus exemplifies God’s character, God cares for our wellbeing in all aspects of our lives.