Devotions for Sunday 22nd January 2023

Dave is joined by Revd Paul Dean on this episode of the podcast service.  We think about the call of the first disciples and how that challenging call echoes through to us in the modern world, how should we answer the call and become fishers of people with justice and equality.

Our hymns are all from Singing the Faith; 59 – Shine, Jesus, Shine; 673 – Will you come and follow me; 495 – Dear Lord and Father and 251 – Jesus Christ is waiting.

Devotions for Sunday 8th January 2023 – Epiphany

Roy Hollands thinks about the journey of the wise men and how we find the right way in life.

Ruth Bamford reads the readings: Isaiah 60: 1 – 6 and Matthew 2: 1 – 12

The songs are from Singing the Faith: 227 “Brightest and best of the sons of the morning” sung by the choir of York Minster; and 224, “As with gladness men of old”, sung by Hugh, who also introduces the Podcast.

Devotions for Sunday 1st January 2023 – New Year’s Day

In this first podcast of the New Year, Revd. Helen Hollands tells the story behind the Hymn “Amazing Grace”, and helps us to think about the promises we make in Methodist Covenant Service Prayer. Liz Talbot reads Jeremiah 31:31-34 and John 15:1-10. The songs are 508 and 440 in Singing the Faith, “Purify my Heart” and “Amazing Grace”, sung by Hugh Burnham and the Housegroup from Wye.

Devotions for Sunday 18th December 2022 (4th Sunday of Advent)

In this episode Dave Tocher is joined by the Revd. Dr Paul Dean.

The Bible readings are:
Isaiah 7:10-14 (NRSV) 
Matthew 1:18-25 (NRSV) 
These are read by Christine Slater.

The hymn recordings have been provided by Joy and Ruth Everingham:
O come, O come, Immanuel (StF 180)
Christ be our light (Longing for light, we wait in darkness) (StF 706)

Devotions for Sunday 11th December 2022 (3rd Sunday in Advent)

The Revd. Kevin Taylor considers Matt 11: 2 – 11, and Psalm 146, and what kind of Messiah John the Baptist expected Jesus to be. The readings are read by Paul Missin and Hugh Burnham leads the singing. Songs are Singing the Faith 272, “From heaven you came” and 404 “He sent me to give the good news to the poor” which is sung by the Ecumenical Housegroup in Wye.

Devotions for Sunday 27th November 2022 (1st Sunday in Advent)

On this Advent Sunday Dave is joined by Revd Malcolm Peach as they discuss the waiting that happens during this period of advent and our preparations for the arrival of the Christchild.  The reading is from Matthew 24:36-44 and our Advent Liturgy is from the Methodist Church’s There is Room Campaign.

A video about There is Room can be watched here.