Sunday 18th June 2023

Our communion service this morning was led by Revd Helen Hollands. She spoke on the readings from Luke 6: 17-21 and Genesis 18: 1-15. We spoke this morning about laughter and shared a few jokes. It seemed to Sarah that God’s promise had become a bit of a laugh, but he had made the promise and God kept his promise. She gave birth to Isaac (which means laughter) and Sarah laughed for joy. God enters the disbelief and doubt and brings them laughter.

We pray for the city of Nottingham and those affected by the attack there and for those who lost loves in the Mediterranean Sea.

Hope has come, when hope is past.

Our service next Sunday will be at Kennington United Church at 10:30am. The Revd Paul Dean will lead on Ordination Sunday, when we celebrate with Revd Gill Songer.

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