Climate Justice for All: Have Your Say

You are invited to join us for our ‘Have Your Say’ events on either June 9th, June 12th or July

These events consist of a 45-minute consultation hosted by CJ4A
( in partnership with Green Agents of Change

As part of the CJ4A campaign, we want to send a ‘call to action’ from Methodists to the UK
government’s COP Ambassadors. Local Methodist churches and groups will be asked to add
their names to this call to action but, before taking that step, we want to hear from
Methodists across Britain.

What does climate justice look like for you? What should Britain be doing to ensure climate
justice for all?

If you attend a Methodist Church or group and would like to have your voice heard then
please do join us for one of these events, which are open to people of all ages (those under
18 will need a parent to book their ticket and give permission).

Register here:

For any further information, please email:

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