Advent Day 9

Join us during the season of Advent as we follow our Wandering Wise Men.  Each day they will either share a piece of the story of Jesus or suggest a random Act of Kindness that you could do in the spirit of the season.

9th Dec

A long time ago, there was a lady called Mary. One day, while Mary was doing the washing up, she saw a bright light. She had to cover her eyes because it was so bright. The bright light was an angel. Angels are very beautiful creatures who live in Heaven and work for God. The angel gave Mary a message from God – he said she was going to have a baby.

Soon Mary’s tummy started to get bigger as the baby in her tummy started to grow. Just a few weeks before her baby was ready to be born, the king told all the people in the country that they had to travel to the place where their family was from. This meant Mary and Joseph had to go on a journey. Mary and Joseph had to travel a long way to a town called Bethlehem. Mary had to walk very slowly because she had a baby in her tummy. It was very tiring.