Fishing for Hope

Thanks to Lisa for posting this on the Circuit Facebook group:

Do you want to be a part of ‘Fishing for Hope’?

The Challenge: Create a fish prayer object. Or, create a shoal! Use your talents and whatever creative resources you have available in your home to make your fish! You could make a fish by: – knitting, crocheting, cutting, sewing, sticking scrap materials, painting it on a stone, paper mache, Lego, iron-on beads, clay, baking – or any other creative means you can think of!

Why a fish prayer object? The fish has long been a symbol of Christian identity, hope and salvation. At times like these, perhaps it is good to hold on to our Christian identity, hope and salvation! Literally! With the fish we create, we can hold them in our hands and we can hold what they represent symbolically in our hearts and minds.

Why do this? The fish could be an object for prayer during this time. They could also be gifts for others; whether they can be gifted now, if there are others in your household, or later, when the time is ‘right’ (according to governmental health and safety instructions and advice).

This is a multi District scheme covering the Southern & Islands region. Share your fish pictures in the circuit facebook group, or email them to me.