Sunday 15th March 2020

At this difficult time we gathered this morning to share Holy Communion.  We heard the story of the women at Jacob’s well as told in John Chapter 4 and the people complaining to Moses about a lack of water from Exodus 17.  God is behind both stories and the life giving power of water. Everywhere is equal when it comes to listening to God, find him where ever you can “Be still and I know I am God.”

We pray for a blessing on all those working on the front lines of the fight against the Corona virus, and those whose lives have been thrown into turmoil. We think of the vunerable members of our community that the Lord will be there with them. Amen.

Next Sunday our services are 09:30 at Kennington led by Maureen Burnham, at 11:00 at Cade Road led by Joy Brumwell and 18:30 led by Rev Kevin Taylor.

This evening at 18:30 our service at Cade Road will be led by Rev Sam Funnell and will include the baptism of two members of our congregation.

All are welcome to join us for any of our services.

If you are isolated at home Wesley Chapel in London livestream their services and you can find the services here: