Sunday 1st March 2020

Unfortunately our preacher for this morning, Mr Terry Preston, wasn’t well and one of the congregation stepped in to take the service. We heard about the Temptations, the first temptation in Genesis and the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. As this is the 1st Sunday in Lent it is a time for contemplation in the Christian Church and people often give things up. We were challenged this Sunday to consider the temptations of consumerism, with it’s cheap packaging etc. We were left with the question “How can we resist the temptations of consumption this Lenten season, and build a more sustainable world?”

Next Sunday morning our services will be at 09:30 at Kennington led by the church family, at 11:00 led by Christine Slater, at 16:00 there will be our Messy church and at 18:00 which will be led by a member of the church family. All are welcome to any of our services.

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